ResemblingRUTH was birthed in 2016 when Ayana Johnson became the Minister over the Single women ministry at the church that she first started serving. She began to realize the women attending the events for her Singles ministry were not necessarily women that were members at a church and some women were married and still attended her conferences.  This was the start of her journey to begin ministering in efforts to encourage all women in every walk of life to identify and embrace her inner "RUTH" by living a faithful, bold and confident life; exemplifying biblical principles of Beauty from the inside out.


ResemblingRUTH stands on the foundation of the characteristics that Ruth carried in the biblical story of "RUTH" Ayana's 2nd book titled RuthLESS enlightens women of those characteristics


A Movement...Launched in 2020, orchestrated by Ayana Johnson & her now 15 year old son Malaki Thomas. The vision for "A Day Without Dad" focus on Bringing Awareness, Encouragement & Inspiration to the lives of Boys being raised by a Single Mother due to an Incarcerated Father. Ayana raised Malaki alone since age one when his father was sentenced to 12 years in prison and there were specific revelations that she discovered as the most significant factors to raise Malaki successfully. Their mission is to educate the world in identifying the necessary steps taken for a boy to remain mentally and emotionally healthy while being raised by mom due to dad being incarcerated. 

"I knew that there was something that I needed to do to break this chain!"

~Ayana Johnson

"This is my story and this is how I'm going to shine my light"

~Malaki Thomas