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We all have to start somewhere & I'm proud of you for taking the first steps to grow!


Do you struggle with purpose?

Struggle with wrongful dating & ready to be a Wife?

Ready to take your walk with God more serious...need an accountability partner?

Feeling confused?

Trying to understand what's NEXT in your life after a drastic transition?

Dealing with resentment and/or broken heart?

Want to BIRTH your dreams?

Just need some HELP..?

My Life Class is for You!

"I had to fight to get here!"

~Ayana Johnson

"My son's father went to prison and I was so hurt and confused, I am so overwhelmed to see how far I've come"

~Ayana Johnson

"I'm not religious because I did not experience God that way, I met him on my the middle of my pain, and built a relationship with him."

~Ayana Johnson

"I always felt pretty, but not always worthy..."

~Ayana Johnson

My parents grew up partying with me in the club...I had no one to turn to when I was ready to change my life."

~Ayana Johnson

Multiple Dates

Are you ready for God to reveal himself at NEW levels? A new Revelation, a new Understanding, and a New YOU..


Q & A

What Is This Class About?

This class is designed to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, ENLIGHTEN and ENCOURAGE women to become the best version of themselves. Click on the "I AM READY" tab for full details. 

I Live in Another State.. Can I still join the mentoring program?

Yes! The program is designed to accommodate women from all over the world. Zoom is the platform for engagement. 

Is this program only for Women

Unfortunately, Yes! But we have some great recommendations for men. Email us to inquire!

How old do you have to be for the Class?

Ages 17 & up.

Will I receive specific details on everything?

Yes! Upon the completion of your registration you will receive a your ticket and information to join.

What  is expected from me during the LIFE CLASS?

An open heart, quiet background space, and your total engagement! A journal and pen in recommended to take notes. It is NOT a requirement to show your face during the lesson but it would be preferred for the best experience. Q&A will be offered at the end of the lesson.