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I was never really a dreamer growing up. I never had a particular dream or understood what I wanted to be as some kids did during childhood. However, I was a visionary. I always had visions of what life looked like beyond what how I saw it and I would ask my mom questions like “where does the clouds and the trees come from.” This book is released to share my truth of how my visions have carried me through life. My faith (belief beyond what you see) is something that was revealed to me at a young age unconsciously.  My words are meant for you to read and understand the process of my success so that you can be encouraged to allow your visions to unfold according to Gods plan. I want you to be accepting of what his plan intel even when it is not the way that you saw it in your own vision. I want you to know that visions are given to us all but it is Gods plan that will prevail (Proverbs 16:9 In their hearts humans plan the course, But the Lord establishes their steps.) Passion is determined by your vision, Pain is the beginning result of allowing God to lead your steps, and Prosperity is the fruit of your hard work, dedication, and obedience towards his leading. In the world that we live in today people typically measure success by monetary value. Money is an asset of success but not the root of it (which is why some people are still internally disconnected from themselves with money). Being steadfast in your journey, overcoming obstacles successfully, personal growth and development, having a heart for Gods people, and learning to love yourself at your greatest value will accommodate you more than anything else. I believe that I have this figured out and I want others to experience success and individualize it in a way that you do not need approval from the world, but you are intentional about approval from God and accepting his plan no matter, this is the recipe towards living your best life. Mental, Spiritual and Emotional fulfillment, God bless.

The Pieces Of Success Book

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